ABQ Sunport Digital Billboard

This was a digital billboard created for display in the Albuquerque International Sunport. Note: This is a still, but the finished product was animated, changing between the Sunport’s ordinary weather report for travelers flying into Albuquerque, a Meow Wolf logo, and the above image. The purpose of this ad was to introduce the whimsically strange science-fiction world of House of Eternal Return in Meow Wolf Santa Fe to an audience that was only an hour drive away.

I provided creative direction and all copy for this digital billboard. The general concept is a weather report for a multiversal space in which multiple dimensions are overlapping, meaning any number of unusual scenarios and environments are possible. This is a reflection of Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s art installation, which features a blend of art exhibits (some black and white, some regionally referential, some full of cloned hamsters) representing this rift in time and space.

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