Timed Ticketing Infographic & Rack Card

This infographic was used in social media, emails, as a rack card, and on Meow Wolf’s website to introduce a new ticketing method for the installation’s visitors. As a result of the company’s exponential growth, the facility (which was designed for walk-up visitors only) found itself dealing with frequent long lines. However, before timed ticketing was introduced, the company also offered a variety of ticket types, including lifetime passes, annual passes, day passes, family passes, and guest passes. It was confusing to guests…

Thus, the infographic was born, which was meant to inform visitors about their many options for purchasing tickets to Meow Wolf. However, the primary goal was to let visitors know that they could avoid the long lines by reserving a check-in time online, thus preventing large groups from walking up and clogging the one entryway.

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