Birdy Kaleidoscape ad

This ad was created for Birdy magazine in Denver, Colorado. Meow Wolf’s Kaleidoscape is also located in Denver, and it’s the company’s first amusement park “art ride”, which showcases work from a number of local Denver artists. The concept for the ride is that each passenger car is being operated by the fictional QDOT, and passengers are to be traveling through space in which they are able to manipulate the dimensional representation of objects with the help of their laser guns.

I worked with a graphic designer on this ad and provided creative direction, including descriptions of creative ways to represent shapes unfolding through dimensions, as well as the accompanying “fine print” copy warning passengers of the fictional risks of riding this ride. As Meow Wolf’s brand voice, I was trusted with carrying out the company’s larger creative aesthetic, which focuses on the “accessible unknown.” Thus, the ad is intentionally familiar in some ways and presents strange and heady ideas as normal, while simultaneously raising a number of questions for the visitors to discover on their own!

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